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Survey Results

Our first pre-print is available on arxiv at the following link:

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Citation: Hennessey E.*, Smolina A.*, Hennessey S., Tassone A., Jay A., Ghose S., Hewitt K. (2024). Canadian Physics Counts: An exploration of the diverse identities of physics students and professionals in Canada.

* = joint first authors

CanPhysCounts Survey: Demographics Paper

Pre-print of survey demographics and analysis, published on arxiv March 7 2024.​

CAP Congress 2021 Plenary Talk

Presentation Slides

(English Only)

Slides feature new data on more detailed demographics & caregiving.

Preliminary Report

CPC Preliminary Report - 

English Version

Preliminary data on survey participant demographics,
published March 2021.

CPC Données Préliminaires - 

Version Française

Rapport de données préliminaires sur la démographie des participants de l'enquête, publié Mars 2021.

Additional Documents

Participant Quotes

This document shows a selection of positive quotes from survey participants, as a sample reflecting the overwhelmingly positive response from the community.

CanPhysCounts Survey - All Questions

This document shows the survey consent form, as well as all possible questions participants could have encountered while completing the survey. Branching structure is shown with overlaid arrows.

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